Our Team


Michael Domb (Owner) is a world champion triathlete with a background in open water swimming. His resume in high-level sport began on Team Canada in 2011 where he competed in Beijing at the World Triathlon Championships. The following year, after securing a spot on the team U.S.A delegation to New Zealand, Domb suffered a debilitating injury that found him a new focus where he could practice his love for sport and healthy living, while also striving to persevere in business. As owner of the Forest Hill Swim School, Domb envisions a program where children can learn to have fun in a healthy and valuable way. Michael Domb is also the C.O.O of Telespace Ltd. Telespace Blog Telespace Website

Alexander Papageorge (Program Director) is our program and operations director. Alex's resume began three years ago when he started coaching a summer basketball program for children ages 8 through 16. While coaching youth teams, Alex found a love for sport education and program development. His enthusiasm for sport has taken him to Forest Hill Swim where he crafts programs that uphold a fun, yet safe environment aimed at producing stronger swimmers. Alex's passion for sport, and cheerful manner makes him an excellent asset to our team.

Our Instructors

Wensen Li (head instructor) is a certified lifeguard (NLS) with an extensive      
background teaching children to swim. His experience ranges from teaching basic skills to advanced swimming and lifesaving techniques.

Katie Phillips (instructor) is a certified swim teacher (AWSI, WSI) and an Ontario championship (OFSAA) runner. Her interests stem across food and nutrition and healthy living.

And another four certified male and female instructors and lifeguards. 

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